Framing third places for universities‘ third mission – Field Configuring Events as collaborative learning and transfer formats The paper uses the heuristics of a spatial perspective of so-called Field Configuring Events (FCE) to investigate the question of how these new educational and project-related transfer and collaboration courses in higher education context can capture the fundamentally changed institutional role – often called “third mission” or transfer competencies – fostering regional development. In doing so, the paper applies the concept FCE to an empirical case and aims at reconsidering the conceptual perspectives of this concept. The conceptual goal is to further refine the heuristic FCE and to align it more appropriately to understand dynamic knowledge production as an expression of new temporary (micro-) geographies.

Lange, Bastian „Together is Better – Harnessing the creative power of urban collaborative spaces“ Governments have reacted differently across Europe during the pandemic, mainly aiming at saving lives among at-risk groups. Young adults and less at-risk groups, however, have slipped under the radar of these top-down policies and been marginalised. This has also been the case with fragile and small-scale places at the interface of institutional policies and social movements, such as makerspaces, coworking spaces, open workshops, creative labs, FabLabs and even urban gardening projects.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect the transformation of our economies? The ARL position paper presents a range of different interpretations of the pandemic from the perspective of the post-growth debate. Together with Dr. Martina Hülz (ARL), Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz (University of Luxembourg) and Dr. Benedikt Schmid (University of Freiburg), the diverse reactions in the context of post-growth approaches in the current academic situation are discussed. Key points of an emancipatory transition perspective will be pointed out. The paper was written in the working group „Post-growth Economies“ of the ARL.