Creative industries promotes transformation How can companies in the state of Brandenburg increase their competitiveness? The great challenges of our time also require adjustments from many companies in Brandenburg: new strategies, business models and processes are often needed and creativity is required! Fortunately, there is a diverse creative economy between Prignitz and Spreewald. In a working lab, creative people, entrepreneurs and transformation experts develop approaches on how collaboration between the traditional economy and the creative industry can be more frequent and fruitful.

Capacity study for an unused chapel in Augsburg What user groups can activate the Chapel at Sheridan Park? The study is developing possible uses for the empty chapel in Sheridan Park. The workshop addresses common good needs from the surrounding area and the city of Augsburg. In collaboration with local departments, unmet and potential needs for young adults, families and seniors are addressed. It will also be examined to what extent public-civic partnership models can represent a reliable perspective for cooperative development in conjunction with initiatives, associations, and other alliances.

Bastian Lange comments on the Green Deal in the cultural sector. The move away from fossil fuels also raises questions about how the larger cultural institutions can adapt their CO2, raw material, waste and energy footprint to the guiding goals of the federal climate protection law. It is clear that the transformation of the cultural sector will require enormous financial resources, but these must not come from cultural pots. Why not use revenues from emissions trading, which after all amount to 12.5 billion euros in 2021, for this purpose? This would be an infrastructure measure with impact.